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Welcome to Mystique Valley

Our Sylvanian Family village

In one corner of Sylvania lies a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains,  there's a forest and a river runs through it. Deep within the forest is an old mystique tree, every time you visit it, you notice something different, and one wonders if it was there the last time you visit and if you just didn‘t notice it or… Sometimes if you keep very quiet at night one can hear happy laughter and running feet in the forest. This is how this corner of Sylvania got its name, Mystique Forrest, Mystique Village and Mystique Valley.

For many years this valley was almost unknown to the world. It wasn’t until a young duckling came wandering through the village, that changes started to happen here. When he came, the village was very small. It had a square where farmers and residents sold their products, a few shops and houses, you could almost count them on you’re fingers. Situated around it were a few farms and mansions. Sometimes a salesman or a wanderer like the young duckling came through but they didn’t stop for long. When he came to MV he found that there were so many great craftsmen in MV and he saw in his head how he could build a known place from that. Where MV would be known for great goods and a tourist paradise where you can eat delicious food, buy great uniqueness MV made items and some parks where you can relax and have fun, place with no stress and rush of modern time. He would choose the people with care that would move to MV. He wouldn't be able to deny people to move to MV but the houses and shops he would have to offer would only be given to excellent "workers" that would have something to offer. It wasn’t long before he had convinced the residents that they needed a Mayor. Since then the valley has grown and is becoming a tourist paradise.

On this site you can view me and my girls Sylvanian collection and read about how the Critters fit into the Valley, what they do and where they live. The main character is Bill Waddlington and most of the stories involve him and his journey to develop this Valley into that of his dreams. It's devided into the Village, Country side and then Other Areas.

Under Family Cards you can see all our families.

The first Sylvanians were bought before Christmas 1997 for our oldest daughter, it was the yellow Mansion, honey bear family and furniture. Since then the collection has grown through the years with breaks in between.

I really enjoy decorating their homes as well as creating and assembling their shops and workplaces. Most Critters have their original names but their bio's might differ, other that didn't have original names or same names as other family members due to growing families have been given names. Some families have relatives living in MV just like in real life. We have single parents, Generations, small families and large families. Right now we are focusing on getting everyone a home and work, then we will get deeper in decorating their homes, we just felt bad about them not having any place to lay there hat on so to say so. This is an on going project so join us on this journey:)

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